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ParkWhiz has a space for you…and possibly a new gig #techjobs #chicagostartup

When our friend James Lewis went over to ParkWhiz to head up hiring, we were big fans of the app and knew that the company was a fast growing member of our tech community. But once James got settled in we wanted to see things from the inside.

Last week James gave us a tour of the space and today we would love to share it with you. It is a great loft space and they have definitely made it there own. They have the obligatory ping pong table, but take a look at the slide.

We really loved how they used the car theme to display the ParkWhiz core values. We met the woman responsible for this awesome project. She went out hunting for car parts that would best display each core value and would bring their culture to life.

This was just one great story we heard as to how ParkWhiz works to maintain their customer and team centered culture. If you are looking for a team that works tireless to deliver high quality product and service to customers both internal and external then you need to slide on over to ParkWhiz.

James is hiring aggressively to keep up with their growth; they have spots open in tech, sales and customer success. Reach out to him directly or give us a shout and we can make an intro.